Asymmetric Librarian

July 12, 2007

OK, I admit it, I made this particular phrase up. It all started recently when I got a couple of months’ work over in Shoreditch.

I’m normally more of a Soho boy. Over the years, I’ve worked, shopped, eaten, drunk, danced and pulled there. Shoreditch has been the place I go when someone groovier than me organises a night out, and I’ve always enjoyed sampling its delights – all those exposed-brickwork offices stuffed with apple macs, and the haphazard jumble of funky little cafes and bars.

If London districts were Australian cities, Soho would be Sydney and Shoreditch would be Melbourne.

So I’ve much enjoyed getting to know Shoreditch a little better. In particular, the people-watching proved fabulous. ‘Faux-homeless designer’ caught my eye, as did ‘Dayglo Eighties Rapper’. But my favourite of the many and varied specimens on display was ‘Asymmetric Librarian’: a sect of serious young women dressed head to toe in ironically dowdy clothing, topped – lest anyone should miss the irony – with a diagonal fringe.

3 Responses to “Asymmetric Librarian”

  1. Monty Says:

    Great to meet you two tonight! Enjoy the rest of your holiday and hopefully, will see you in October!
    Monty! 🙂

  2. Dan Says:

    Good to meet you too, Monty. See you in London!

  3. cloudcontrol Says:

    I love comparisons of other places with Melbourne and Sydney as points of references. It’s a pretty obvious one, but my personal favourite was always New York and LA. At least I think it’s obvious…?

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