January 6, 2008

Watched an amazing documentary last night about how close we came to going out in a shower of nuclear missiles back in 1983. People on both sides talked frankly about the circumstances that led the Russians to believe (mistakenly) that the Americans were about to launch an all-out attack. 

The 90 minute show was accompanied with enough classic 80s pop to take an oldie like me right back. It also made liberal use of the “reconstruction”, a device I’ve always hated before, but one that seemed to work here – I think because we didn’t hear the “actors” talk, we just saw them pretending to be spies/soldiers/politicians while the real spies/soldiers/politicians talked over them. 

But someone involved in the reconstructions was having a laugh. When a Russian spy had to type a code into his calculator transmitting device, the number was 55378008. I recognised it instantly, of course. It won’t work on your iPhone calculator because the numbers are too round, but as kids we were endlessly amused by tapping it into our LCD (or even LED) calculators and turning it upside down to read “BOOBLESS”.

2 Responses to “Boobless”

  1. Evol Kween Says:

    OMG this post cracks me up. We used to do that at Primary School all the time too! Welcome back, keep blogging!

  2. Monty Says:

    Love it! I remember doing all the upside down words at school too! Today’s kids just wouldn’t understand the joy that we derived from such simple pleasures! 😉

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