January 7, 2008

Big Brother. So addictive. In the UK, this year’s Celebrity Big Brother was shelved due to the Racism Row of last year, so instead we have Big Brother Celebrity Hijack where celebrities, no longer trusted to be contestants, take turns to be Big Brother. The contestants, meanwhile, are all 18-21 year olds of “exceptional talent”.

On the minus side, there’s something about seeing all these ridiculously successful youngsters that makes you feel immediately old and inadequate. This was made even worse when the Fashion Designer told the Singer/Songwriter that he’d heard he was “stoosh”. Great. Not only was I never going to be as successful as these people, it now turned out I was too old even to speak their language. (For those in my age-group, “stoosh” means stuck-up and rude – from a brief Googling, it appears to come from a Jamaican word for “classy”.)

On the plus side, however, the contestants’ highly competitve natures make it highly likely that they’ll soon be at each other’s throats. And the Boxer and the Circus Performer are kind of easy on the eye.

One Response to “Stoosh”

  1. Monty Says:

    I love that you’re a BB fan! I must admit to having got a bit hooked with the Australian version last year (despite it being tagged as the most boring BB ever).

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