Je Thames

March 28, 2008

The Sun newspaper is a British institution. Love it or loathe it, its cheeky chappy charm is part of the culture. The punning headlines are much imitated but seldom equalled – there’s some real skill going on there, the kind that makes it looks easy when it really isn’t.

Today’s front page headline is an instant classic, for a story about the French president and his new wife (or “Sarkozy ‘n Carla” as The Sun refers to them) photographed as they “canoodle” (does that word ever get used outside the tabloids?) on a river-trip in London:


It’s not your standard pun, it’s even kind of clumsy, but somehow it works.

It also give an indication of how much trans-Channel relationships have changed since the day when their front page was addressed to another Frenchman:


2 Responses to “Je Thames”

  1. Euro Trash Says:

    hehee Je Thames. I love it!

  2. ben Says:

    check it out, ive been using this website ( for over a year (pre-sarkozy), i would never have imagined that the sun would be using my pun!

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