Most smartest

January 9, 2009

The latest discovery in the Wordage & Gym Class household is TMF, MTV’s freebie channel. As well as established classics such as the Janice Dickinson Modelling Agency (9pm), we’ve been introduced to some other gems including I Know My Kid’s A Star in which pushy parents fight over whose children are more talented (7pm), and America’s Most Smartest Model (the Most is an inspired touch) in which the teacher from Ferris Bueller asks a bunch of models questions (8pm). In one hilarious episode, the models had to eat cake if they got a question wrong, which was like torture for the poor lambs. Tonight, the “fat” (i.e. he actually has some) guy got kicked out which is probably all for the best as he was starting to believe the fat hype. Naturally they broke the news to him with a quip about fat ladies singing.

As fabulous as all this is, I actually prefer my reality TV homegrown, and so have been switching back to Channel 4 for Celebrity Big Brother. With a wide-eyed Latoya Jackson, a potty-mouthed actress off Shameless and Coolio going out of his way to piss everybody off, it’s as brilliant as always.

So our routine is currently America’s Most Smartest Model at 8pm, followed by Celebrity Big Brother at 9pm.

Something for everyone. That’s the secret of a harmonious household, kids.

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