February 18, 2009

I emailed someone in the office a document, apologising for its lateness due to circumstances beyond my control. They replied:

No problem, thank you :-0

I was slightly taken aback. The words did not correspond to the visual. Shockedface??? Was this their way of hinting that despite their verbal reassurances I had caused them immeasurable stress? Another email shortly followed:

I meant :- )

So watch those emoticons, kids. A missed shift key can totally change your face.


Gay Man

February 14, 2009


I love San Francisco, the 70s and men. So it was kind of a no-brainer that we would go and see Milk, the film about gay 70s San Francisco politician Harvey Milk.

The Curzon Soho was abuzz with nice young gay men and lesbians. A slightly more earnest and less buffed crowd than you’d find a stone’s throw away on Old Compton Street, and all the better for it.

The film itself was good – San Francisco looked lovely, so did the 70s, so did the men. And one man in particular. A lady friend of mine had previously recommended Mr James Franco to me as a suitable piece of eye candy, but I hadn’t paid much attention. But even with (or perhaps because of) a dreadful 70s ‘tache, I certainly paid close attention this time.

I had to laugh in the closing credits. One minor actor was billed as ‘Gay Man’. Oh, er, right, yeah, him.