Kiss & Fly

March 21, 2009

At Luxembourg airport, you can park for half an hour free of charge. They could have called it the Drop Off. They could have called it Meet & Greet. But instead they’ve called it Kiss & Fly. I love it. So cute. It cuts through all the boring stuff about flying to the bit that really matters.

We were in Luxembourg for Colophon, a magazine conference. Or to be more exact, Steven was in Luxembourg for Colophon, launching issue 02 of Gym Class, and I was tagging along for the ride.

So while Steven did the conference thing, I sat in cafes, shopped and wandered round the Old Town. When I’d done all that, I jumped on one of those bikes you can pick up anywhere like in Paris and rode on over to the sci-fi surroundings of the European zone. (I wandered into the Philarmonie during the interval of a lunchtime concert and snapped this photo.)


I did hop on the Colophon train for one event – theĀ Kasino A4 party in the tiny Grayscale Bar. They served ‘black and white’ drinks – clear shots when the lights were on, and dark shots in the periods when they decided to turn the lights off. Those crazy Finns. It was fun.


Wetherspoon Express

March 21, 2009

No time for a leisurely drink at your favourite Wetherspoon’s pub before the flight? Fear not, you can still knock back a quick one at the Wetherspoon Express, conveniently located right by the gate. And no need for any of that tiresome conversation that people in normal pubs expect you to have between gulps.

Wetherspoon Express. Taking the social out of social drinking / Your fast track to inebriaton / The swift way to have a swifty