Hubby Hubby

September 8, 2009


Ben & Jerry, purveyors of ice cream and liberal sentiments, have managed the neat trick of coming out (so to speak) in favour of gay marriage just by deleting a single letter. Their Chubby Hubby flavour has been renamed Hubby Hubby in their home state of Vermont for the month of September, the first month that same-sex marriages are taking place there.

As a Hubby with a Hubby myself (we have civil partnerships rather than marriages over here, but it’s all the same to us), I really believe that the existence of officially recognised ceremonies helps gay and lesbian relationships become more widely accepted.

Walt Freese, the CEO of Ben & Jerry’s, says Vermont’s same-sex marriages are “something worth celebrating with peace, love – and plenty of ice-cream.”

I’ll raise a scoop to that.

One Response to “Hubby Hubby”

  1. evolkween Says:

    Hehehe, I like the idea of a Chubby Hubby ice cream! And a Hubby Hubby flavour too!

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