(phone buzzes)

March 2, 2010

Sunday afternoon, and I’d been wanting to see Up in the Air for ages, it was hardly showing anywhere any more, but it was still on at the Vue in Leicester Square, so me and Steven headed into town. It’s not a bad cinema if you’re in Screen 5 or 7, but this was in one of the slightly rubbish basement screens that really don’t justify the Leicester Square tax. The place seemed kind of empty, we figured it was because of the torrential rain that morning, but then the woman who checked our tickets told us that it was a showing with English subtitles for the deaf. Not ideal, but seeing as we were already there we thought we might as well, so down the escalator clutching our overpriced snacks we went. You could tell the place was way past its glory days when the first two rows we tried to sit down turned out to have the bottom part of one of the seats missing. We finally found some proper seats, and after the usual 20 minutes of ads and trailers, the film started. Right from the start, the subtitles got in the way. Did we really need the lyrics to the opening song spoiling the carefully considered opening credits? And once the dialogue kicked in, the battle was on to try not to look at the words, which appeared just a little too soon before they were spoken. Even when there wasn’t any dialogue, we were subjected to bracketed annotations such as (phone buzzes) and (Alex giggles).

Still, we enjoyed the movie nonetheless, and afterwards we repaired to Cha Cha Moon, an old haunt we hadn’t visited for ages, for some restorative wonton. We sat on the high chairs (I like sitting on high chairs) and chatted about this and that.

It was all good quality time. Just quality time with unexpected subtitles.

One Response to “(phone buzzes)”

  1. evolkween Says:

    I really enjoyed this film. Bummer about the subtitles, they would have spoilt the hilarity of his young assistant’s meltdown at the hotel.

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