Kristin Lucas

So it turns out that the film studios aren’t the only ones going in for a spot of rebooting. My attention has just been drawn to an art piece called ‘Refresh‘. In 2007, an artist by the name of Kristin Lucas changed her name to… Kristin Lucas. According to the court transcript, she told the judge:

“Your honor, I am here for a refresh. A renewal of self… I am prepared to let go. To empty my cache. To refill the screen with the same information. To reboot…”

After two weeks of spending “probably way too much time thinking about this situation”, the judge granted her request, stating: “So you have changed your name to exactly what it was before in the spirit of refreshing yourself as though you were a web page.”


(via Guerilla Innovation)


While in Brighton, we went and had a look at a couple of the Artists Open Houses. Basically, during May you can pop into various homes belonging to artists or their friends, and look at their art, as well as having a good old snoop at their interior decorating. It’s very Brighton and rather nice.

After much deliberating in someone’s front room, we eventually bought the Nigel Peake work shown here. (Picture by Steven, hand model yours truly.)

It’s got lots of interesting words in it, like “The alien and dog know best” and “The tremendous neon fails tonight” (though it’s actually hard to tell which words go with which, so I might be picking out phrases more exotic than originally intended). And the words make interesting shapes and textures too.

We like.