June 21, 2007

We’d hired a car and were driving down to Kent when Steven (who’s Australian) spotted a sign for a ‘Gyratory’ and burst into laughter. “You people have some funny words,” he commented.

Well, I’d never really thought about it before, it always seemed like a slightly imposing word for a slightly imposing junction, but when you stop and have a closer squint it is a little silly. I guess it’s so called because the road sort of gyrates its way around in a circle.

We drove down to the Weald (now there’s a good old Anglo-Saxon word) of Kent and walked around a magical wood dotted with whimsical sculptures.

Later, we drove on to Bedgebury Pinetum (the day was fast turning into a tour of odd words) to hear Travis spin their web of perfectly formed pop.

I even got a little gyratory myself.